Points Indicator Bar, showing a total of 1 ⅔ points.

Exploration Points are accumulated by discovering new regions and locations on a given map. Each discovery = 1/3 of a point. These points are used to promote companions.

The player's current Exploration Points are indicated by a star in the top right-hand corner of the expedition map. The number inside the star indicates how many full points the player has to spend. A third of the star fills in yellow with each discovery the player makes towards their next point.

An unexplored region

Points (and partial points) are retained across expeditions, so they can be accrued throughout the game. When enough points have been accrued to level-up a companion, they can be spent any time during an active expedition. Promotions go into affect immediately upon purchase.

Region Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Relevant regions are shown as large highlighted squares on your map during every expedition. A 1/3 point is awarded each time the explorer crosses a boundary line into an unexplored, highlighted region.

This event is indicated with a bold exclamation over your troupe stating:

New Region Discovered!

A location being discovered

Location Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Undiscovered locations are shown as question marks on your map during every expedition. A 1/3 point is awarded when the explorer travels close enough to the location to reveal it. Locations do not need to be explored/looted to obtain these points.

Points are not awarded for distant locations that are revealed as a part of a quest.

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