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Example of an enemy. The red outline is its aggro-zone

Enemies are combattable creatures that can be destroyed for loot. Enemies appear in two forms: roaming and event.

Roaming Enemies[]

These appear on the map as icons (indicating their type) inside a red "aggro zone" or a blue "control zone". They generally spawn in an idle state, moving slowly and aimlessly across terrain, though they cannot enter impassable terrain or hills/plateaus.

Some enemy groups spawn only after a quest or event is triggered. Angry Natives or Lizardpeople only spawn if your Standing drops to -10, or if you commit a major offense against a specific village.

Each enemy icon on the map represents a group (sized 1-8) of that species. Pack size depends on the enemy type, game difficulty, and expedition number. A group's size isn't revealed until combat is initiated. Enemy groups can be aggressive (red background) or passive (blue background. The type of enemy is determined by the biome in which they spawn.

Each kind of aggressive animal has a set probability of aggroing and chasing the trek, should the player happen to enter its aggro zone. Once an aggroed enemy is within one hex of the player, combat is automatically triggered, and the enemies will get a free round of attacks before the player can act. Players can purposefully initiate combat with any enemy by moving within two hexes and opting to "attack", in which case their trek will attack first. Aggro chance can be lowered by the Stealth perk, or increased by using drums.

Aggroed enemies can be "put to sleep" by using a horn flute or mini puppets, or if you successfully flee from them (fleeing will make all nearby groups "sleep" for 3 days). This will cause them to lose their aggro state and remain immobile for a number of days. Fireworks may also be used to distract enemies, but this doesn't prevent them from accidently stumbling into the player's trek and initiating combat. Enemies cannot move or attack into hexes under the effect of a totem stick. Climbing a hill or plateau will also make your party safe, as enemies cannot enter these terrain types. Aggroed groups (except Angry natives or lizardpeople) will also eventually give up the chase after several weeks (unless the player's trek is still in their aggro zone).

Entering a passive animal's blue control zone will not trigger combat automatically, but the player can still choose to "attack" them. Also note that using drums may cause even passive animals to aggro for ~10 days.

Beware that killing any group of roaming enemies reduces Standing by 1.

Enemy groups can be destroyed by environmental hazards or shrine disasters such as fire, floods, chasms or voids, but are unaffected by poison gas clouds. They can also be destroyed if caught in the area effect of a totem stick.

Note that enemy groups will be restored to full strength after you flee from them - even defeated individuals will be at full health the next time you encounter them.

Overview Table[]

A table with information on the enemy groups that can be found roaming the map.

  • Aggro Chance = % chance the group will aggro each day that you spend within its zone
  • Zone Radius = the number of hexes the aggro zone extends
  • Speed = how fast the group moves on the map; faster groups are more difficult to evade
  • Number = number of enemies in each group
  • Biomes = the biome(s) in which the group can be found
Icon Enemy Aggro Chance Zone Radius Speed Number Biomes
Abomination icon Abomination 50% 2 0.75 1 Corrupted
Angry natives icon Angry Lizardpeople 100% 2 0.75 1-4 Warriors
2 Scouts
0-2 Shamans
Corrupted & prehistoric
Angry natives icon Angry Natives 100% 2 0.75 1-4 Warriors
2 Scouts
0-2 Shamans
Arctic, desert, drylands & jungle
Arctic wolf icon Arctic Wolf 100% 2 2 1-4 Arctic
Crocodile icon Crocodile 40% 2 0.5 1-2 Drylands & jungle
Elephant icon Elephant 0% 1 0.35 1-2 Drylands & jungle
Giant bird icon Giant Bird 50% 2 0.8 1-2 Desert, drylands, jungle & prehistoric
Giant crab icon Giant Crab 75% 3 0.8 1 Drylands, jungle & prehistoric
Giant scorpion icon Giant Scorpion 75% 2 0.3 1-2 Drylands, desert & prehistoric
Giant spider icon Giant Spider 75% 2 2 1-4
  • Corrupted
  • Any (after looting fungus shrine)
Giant walrus icon Giant Walrus 50% 2 0.5 1-3 Arctic
Gorilla icon Gorilla 40% 3 0.5 1-2 Drylands & jungle
Hyena icon Hyena 50% 2 0.5 1-4 Desert, drylands & jungle
Panther icon Panther 100% 2 1.5 1-2 Desert, drylands & jungle
Polar bear icon Polar Bear 75% 2 1 1-3 Arctic
Raptor icon Raptor 75% 2 1 1-3 Desert, drylands, jungle & prehistoric
Sabertooth iconSabertooth arctic icon Sabertooth Tiger 75% 2 1.5 1-2 Arctic & prehistoric
Snarfrattle icon Snarfrattle 50% 2 0.5 1 plus
2-3 Hyenas
Arctic, desert, drylands & jungle (quest-related)
Tiger icon Tiger 75% 2 1.5 1-2 Desert, drylands & jungle
Triceratops icon Triceratops 0% 1 0.35 1-2 Prehistoric
T-rex icon T-Rex 75% 1 0.8 1 Prehistoric (CE: Rivals only)
White tiger icon White Tiger 75% 2 2 1 Special jungle
Yeti icon Yeti 100% 2 1 1 Doesn't appear in unmodified game
Zombie pygimes icon Zombie Pygmy 100% 2 2 2-4 Warriors
0-2 Shamans
Corrupt, drylands, jungle & prehistoric

Event Enemies[]

These enemies are encountered during a camping event or while exploring a location. They will not pursue the player's trek if they flee from combat, though any surviving Abominations will appear on the map as a roaming enemy group.

Note that some of these enemy types can also appear as roaming enemies.

  • Trigger(s) = the circumstances in which this enemy is encountered
Enemy Number Trigger(s)
Abomination 1-4
  • investigating disturbing sounds whole resting in a mission
  • Abomination companion tries to eat a trek member and you choose to stop it
  • trying to dismiss an Abomination companion
Angry Lizardpeople 3 Warriors Tampering with holy site while being Followed
Angry Natives 3 Warriors Tampering with holy site while being Followed
Crocodile 1 Camping event: Native Warrior attacked by animal
Giant Spider 2-5 (den)
1-3 (cave)
Gorilla 1 Camping event: Native Warrior attacked by animal
Hyena 3 Camping event: Native Warrior attacked by animal
Lt. Konrad 1 Native village: quest enemy
Mummy 1-2
  • Looting a tomb
  • Camping event: Mummy attacks (must be carrying mummy)
Slaver 1 Slave Master
2-3 Slaver Minions
1 Hyena
Attacking a slaver camp
Tiger 1-2 Camping event: Native Warrior attacked by animal
Yeti 1 Rare arctic cave encounter

Enemy Gallery[]

Unused Enemies[]

These enemies cannot be encountered in the finished game, but partial data for them exists in the game files.

Roaming AbominationAngry LizardpeopleAngry NativesArctic WolfCrocodileElephantGiant BirdGiant CrabGiant ScorpionGiant SpiderGiant WalrusGorillaHyenaPantherPolar BearRaptorSabertooth TigerSnarfrattleTigerTriceratopsT-Rex (RIVALS only) • White TigerZombie Pygmy
Event AbominationAngry LizardpeopleAngry NativesCrocodileGiant SpiderGorillaHyenaLt. KonradMummySlaverTigerYeti
Unused Carnivorous PlantZombie