Example of an enemy. The red outline is it's aggro-zone

Enemies are marked on the map as round tokens, representing their kind, surrounded with either the red "aggro zones" or the blue control zones". They are usually in an idle state, randomly moving around the map.

When the player travels through an enemy's aggro zone, there is a random chance that the enemy will notice the player and start following them to engage. Once an aggroed enemy is within one tile distance to the player, a combat is triggered automatically.

Players can also initiate the combat with a creature themselves, by entering their aggro zone and clicking on the "Attack" option in the lower bar.

Entering the blue control zone does not bear the chance to trigger an attack automatically, but once in it, the player is still able to initiate the attack himself.

Keep in mind that killing animals will reduce the standing with natives by -1.

Enemy Types Edit

Common Animals:


Strange Creatures:

Prehistoric Creatures: