Historical Context Edit

Dion Fortune born Violet Mary Firth (6 December 1890 – 8 January 1946), was a prominent British occultist, author, psychologist, teacher, artist, and mystic. Schooled in Western Esotericism, she was influential in the modern revival of the magical arts. She was also a prolific writer of the supernatural and the occult in both novels and non-fiction works. As a psychologist, she approached magic and hermetic concepts from the perspectives of Jung and Freud.

Her pseudonym was inspired by her family motto "Deo, non-fortuna" (Latin for "by God, not fate").




How to Unlock Edit

Official Hint: Abandon everything.

You must be on Expedition 4 or later, hold a Standing of 8+, and stay overnight in a native village. Eventually, an option will appear that allows you to stay with them forever. The chance of this event occurring increases the higher the player's standing is.

Once the prompt arrives, accept it. Your game will be over, you will not be scored, and the explorer you used will not receive a statue, nor unlock any frames. Instead, you will unlock the Dion Fortune character.

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