Curious Expedition Wiki

There are three types of Currency in the game: Fame, Funds, and Value.


the Museum


Fame is accumulated as a point system and cannot be spent. It is the single determining factor in winning the game, meaning a player can fail to win any race to the Golden Pyramid and still win the game, so long as they have the most Fame. These points are earned in several ways:

  1. Revealing new regions and locations on an expedition map. This is done by stepping into the border of a relevant region, or by travelling close enough to a location to remove its (?) symbol.
  2. Placing in the race to the Golden Pyramid. 1st place awards 200, 2nd = 150, 3rd = 100, 4th = 50. These bonuses can be increased with Tim Timster's Journalist perk. A player who finishes an expedition last won't earn a race bonus, but is allowed to spend as much time as desired to explore the map and continue earning points that way.
  3. Presenting a trophy item to the museum upon returning to London after an expedition.
  4. Resting overnight in the open at high sanity, which sometimes triggers a +10 event in which the explorer charts some of the stars.

Fame can be lost if the player fails to complete an accepted quest, which applies a -50 Fame penalty each time.


the Auction House


Funds are only used to purchase supplies and upgrades in London. Funds are only gained in two ways:

  1. Presenting a trophy item to the auction house upon arrival home from an expedition.
  2. As a reward for completing a quest, given in London before purchasing supplies.

Any Funds not used when in London are saved and can be spent on your next visit.


Value is an estimate of the intrinsic worth of an item. This is used in a barter system rather than with money. All items have a base value that enables fair trading during expeditions. Certain traders value some items over others, which will automatically reflect during barter with a (%) indicator in that item's description, revealing the percent deviation from its base. Bartering cannot be performed at London.