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Cultists are possible companions for the explorer's party. Aleister Crowley's party begins with three of them. Their perk gives them benefits when consuming Coca Leaves, though they are not immune to their side-effects.

Visiting a mission has a random chance of causing the cultist to leave the party and take over the mission. Revisiting the mission after this event will open new action options.

At low Sanity, a cultist may suddenly transform into an abomination.


lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Red (basic).png 4 (?) Icon - Cargo.pngIcon - Cargo.png
2 Die - Red (basic).png 7 (?)
3 Die - Red (basic).png

Die - Red (basic).png

4 Die - Red (basic).png

Die - Red (basic).png

Die - Red (basic).png

13 (?)
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