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The Corrupted World is a small, self-contained map that can only be reached via a rare event when clearing out a corrupted Giant Spider Den, spawned from a fungal Shrine event.

It is a unique biome with its own native Standing. Like the Portal World, all terrain in a Corrupted World is revealed, along with all location markers and Enemies, though Locations aside from your entry Portal must still be revealed by approaching them. It is unknown if time passes in the same way as a portal world.


A corrupted world

Dangerous enemies including Giant Spiders, Abominations and Zombie Pygmies reside here.

Locations are generally placed on a somewhat linear "path", consisting of Giant Spider Dens and a single Lizard Village. After exploring/evading all necessary enemies/locations, the final destination can be reached: a Corrupted Altar, containing the elusive Blood Crown.

Taking the Blood Crown returns the expedition to their original point on the expedition map. The party can also leave the world through the initial portal point.


  • This world is quite dangerous for all but the most-prepared expeditions. Sufficient combat and medical supplies, - or high aggro reduction - are required to survive and reach the Blood Crown.