Companion bar

Companion's portrait.

Companions are humanoid or animal members of the player's expedition party other than the explorer. Most explorers begin with 2-3 companions, but can acquire up to 4 (or more, if one has the Extra Character perk). The player can recruit or exchange a single companion between expeditions in London, and at all villages. Some events when resting in the open can trigger new recruits, and certain animals can even be hatched from eggs.

A companion's stats can be viewed any time by hovering over their portrait in the party column on the right-hand side of the screen.

Humanoid CharactersEdit

Human Companion

Example humanoid stats

Each humanoid companion has certain action/combat dice, a certain Toughness level, varying carrying capacity, and base Loyalty. They also come with 1-2 perks that are related to their trade or origin. Perks vary widely, but offer specific benefits to ease your expedition. Some recruited companions also start out with an ailment.

Humanoid companions can be promoted by spending Exploration Points. Promoting a companion increases the power/influence of their primary skill, adds +1 point per level to their Toughness, and eventually upgrades one or more of their combat dice. A companion can be promoted 3 times before "maxing out" and each promotion is permanent and will stay with them across all expeditions.

Special CharactersEdit

These characters are generally the same as the other humanoid companions, but have specific names and some kind of unique skill.


Animal Companion

Example animal stats

Animals, unlike people, cannot be promoted (except when using Alexandra David-Neel), don't come with any perks, and don't have loyalty. Animals are also immune to most ailments, with the exception of injuries and wounds. All animals have carrying capacity that can be upgraded in London. Pack animals can be mounted for reduced sanity-cost of travel, while beasts will contribute valuable combat dice.