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Example of combat scene

Dice system Edit

Dice Hover

Dice outcomes

Dice Owners

"owners" of the dice

The Combat system is turn-based and built up around dice. Each person and/or animal in your expedition gives you a minimum of one dice. Weapons also give you an extra die.

Each die has a set of 6 different outcomes, depending on who/what it represents, which is indicated by a little head in the bottom right of the dice. You can hover over the dice to see the different outcomes. Each outcome represents an action the owner can perform. They may be blank which means they don't do anything.

When you press the large roll button, you roll all the dice on the board. You have a limited amount of rolls each round, indicated in the top of the screen.

Dice Stable Position

Example of a combination

Some of dice may be shaking. This means that there are possible combinations available for you to use. For example you can use one shield to get 1 defensive bonus, but you can also combine it with a hand, which gives 3 defensive bonus. This combination is called 'stable position' and prevents damage when opponents attack next round.

You don't have to put all of your dice into one combination, since you can play as many dice/combinations as you want to, in one round.

Weapons are special because they provide unique combinations with specific types of dice. If they are combined properly, they deal a fair ton of damage in return, while providing extra bonuses.

Maschinen-Mensch, the developers, did a great job explaining the whole system in their alpha #10 update video.

Number of Available Dice Edit

The number of available dice depends on the characters that are a member of your expedition crew, and have the ability of adding dice. Explorers will start with two dice, whereas companions start with only one die, then add another at level 3 or 4. Some upgraded characters have two basic dice, whereas others may have one upgraded die and one basic die.

Each added die is represented by a sequence of 6 images that specifically show each of the 6 faces of a die. It is shown when you hover your cursor over a character. There are two types of sequences for each color, that mechanically behave in the exact same way.

Die - Blue (basic)

Basic Blue Die

The basic blue die sequence adds a blue die to the combat screen. It predicts 3 possible outcomes after a roll, with each having a 33% chance of happening.When a basic die is rolled, there is a chance that it will roll to the blank face, providing no possible action.
Die - Blue (upgraded)

Upgraded Blue Die

The upgraded blue die sequence also adds a blue die, but the blank outcome is no longer a possibility. The 2 possible outcomes each have a 50% chance of happening.

Types of Dice Edit

Basic character ability dice. Those represent the basic abilities of each expedition member.

Red (Attack die)

  • Attack - a melee attack.
  • Agility - an agile maneuvering.

Green (Defense die)

  • Defense - a defensive move.
  • Strength - a stable/strong stance.

Blue (Support die)

  • Precission - precision and aiming.
  • Tactics - planning and tactics.

Purple (Magic die)

  • Magic - magic and mysticism.
  • Purple-Precision - precision and aiming.
  • Purple-Tactics - planning and tactics.


Animal attack dice. Used by animals (both enemies and companions). Unlike ability and item dice, animal dice do not form any dice combos, and have a set damage values assigned instead.

Companion animals have brown dice; enemy animals' dice are red. Dice with the same symbol are effectively identical, despite of their color.

Name Damage Shield Die Special Effect
Claws 2 Animal - Claws
Fangs 2 Animal - Fangs Enemy Bleeding
Strong Claws 4 Dice Strong Claws-0
Fierce Claws 6 Animal - Strong Claws
Large Beak 7 Animal - Peek Enemy Bleeding
Small Beak 4 Dice beak
Smash 2 Animal - Smash Multi Attack
Stomp 3 Animal - Stomp Multi Attack
Ram 3 Animal - Ram
Hoof 2 Animal - Hoof
Shell 4 Animal - Shell
Tarsal Claws 2 Die-SpiderLeg
Spider Fangs 1 Die-SpiderFang Causes Poison
Tail 2 Dice tail Stun, Multi Attack
Horns 4 Animal - Horns
Taunt Taunt Focus enemy's attention onto the wielder

Dice combinations Edit

Remember, the symbol on the die is what's important - not the dice's color. Thus Precission and Purple-Precision, for example, are interchangeable.


Combination Damage Shield Requirements Special Effect
Attack 1 0 Attack
Double Attack 2 0 AttackAttack
Triple Attack 3 0 AttackAttackAttack
Ripper Leap 4 0 StrengthStrengthTactics Enemy bleeding
Flank 5 0 AgilityAgilityPrecission
Headbutt 1 0 AgilityTactics Stun 1 die
Kick 3 0 AgilityStrength
Riposte 2 2 AttackDefense
Shielded Riposte 2 3 AttackDefenseDefense
Cutting Riposte 3 2 AttackAttackDefense
Deadly Riposte 4 4 AttackAttackDefenseDefense
Precise Attack 3 0 AttackPrecission
Punctuation 4 0 AttackPrecissionPrecission Strong Bleeding
Evade 0 3 AgilityDefense
Defensive Maneuver 0 4 AgilityAgilityDefense
Defend 0 1 Defense
Strong Defense 0 2 DefenseDefense
Stable Position 0 2 DefenseStrength
Tactical Advantage 0 3 DefenseTactics
Outstanding Tactics 0 4 DefenseTacticsPrecission
Group Defense 0 4 DefenseAgilityTactics
Lookout 0 2 PrecissionTactics
Observation 0 1 PrecissionPrecission
Feint 0 0 PrecissionStrengthTactics Multi Attack
Stun 1 die
Rite of Unity 0 1 Magic Heal 2
Curse of Poison 0 0 MagicAttack Poison
Rite of Healing 0 2 MagicTactics Heal 3


Combination Damage Defense Requirements Special Effect
Quick Shot 2 0 Die-Pistol
Stable Shot 3 0 Die-PistolStrength
Stopping Shot 2 1 Die-PistolDefense
Bullet Wall 3 2 Die-PistolDefenseDefense
Headshot 6 0 Die-PistolStrengthStrength
Quick Shot 2 0 Die-Rifle
Aimed Shot 4 0 Die-RiflePrecission
Planned Shot 8 0 Die-RiflePrecissionTactics
Masterful Shot 12 0 Die-RiflePrecissionPrecission
Quick Shot 2 0 Die-Shotgun
Shotgun Blast 3 0 Die-ShotgunAttack Multi Attack
Shotgun Powerblast 5 0 Die-ShotgunAttackAgility Multi Attack
Point Blank 5 0 Die-ShotgunAgility
Quick Discharge 2 0 Die-Tesla Damage Self 1
Defensive Beam 4 2 Die-TeslaDefense Damage Self 1
Stable Beam 3 0 Die-TeslaStrength Damage Self 1, Multi Attack
Alternating Beam 7 0 Die-TeslaPrecissionTactics Damage Self 1
Spear Attack 4 0 Die-SpearAttack
Power Spear 6 0 Die-SpearAttackPrecission
Spear Defense 4 2 Die-SpearDefense
Spear Throw 4 0 Die-SpearPrecission
Whip Crack 1 0 Die Whip 2 Stun x1
Shackling Whip 1 0 Die Whip 1Strength Stun x2
Cutting Whip 4 0 Die Whip 1 Attack Stun x2
Dynamite Explosion 6 0 Die Dynamite Group Damage 2, Multi Attack
Planned Explosion 4 0 Die DynamiteTactics Multi Attack
Precise Explosion 8 0 Die DynamitePrecission Group Damage 2, Multi Attack


  • Multi Attack - Harms all enemies present.
  • Poison - does 1 damage each turn.
  • Damage Self X - Deals X damage to the player's party.
  • Stun - Disable one of the targeted enemy's dice next turn.
  • Shield X - Prevent the next X damage.
  • Heal X - Restore X health to each member of the party.
  • Bleeding (X) - Does X damage at the end of the round and transforms into Bleed (X-1)
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