Cave Entrances are locations leading into dark, dank caves. Caves can only be explored safely if you have a torch. Those exploring a cave in darkness can may stumble into an enemy, or even cause a companion to become an abomination unless there's a successful roll of the required precision dice.

Exploring Edit

A cave has many variations, mostly random. Upon exploring, you may find:

  • Remains of an explorer and loot usable and often consumable items. This is good to just generally fill up your stock and supply.
  • A graveyard to loot, with possibly a valuable mummy.
  • A deeper passage that leads you to the entrance of another cave located somewhere distant on the map. Excellent for travelling across the map quickly to find new explorable areas.
  • A random assortment of wild mushrooms.
  • A narrow gap only one party member can fit through. You can choose a party member to send in, but be warned: if your companion is Claustrophobic or you fail a precision dice roll, they may not return.
  • Paintings on the walls that may unlock an extra destination on your world map when selecting your next expedition.
  • A nest of giant spiders, if you've accepted the special quest from native spirits.