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Capacity is a game mechanic representing the maximum number of inventory slots the player's party can fill before becoming overburdened. All party members contribute to total capacity, and each character's capacity is displayed by a number of crates on their stats bar.

Inventory items 01

A capacity bar will always show an empty slot to fill, even if the party is overburdened

Capacity slots can each hold one "stack" of items, and each item has a set maximum number it can stack before it requires an additional slot. There are some "weightless" items, indicated by a feather icon in their slot, that do not contribute to capacity.

Tome wisdom

Example of a weightless item

When the group is overburdened, each hex traveled costs an additional 10 Sanity. This penalty is the same no matter how many slots the group is overburdened with. This penalty is immediately removed when the player either throws away or consumes items equal to the number of slots overburdening the group.

Maximum capacity can be increased in several ways:


  • The Camp Site item can be exploited to work around overburdened capacity. Though the player must stop to rest often from the sanity-expensive travel legs, this allows the player to essentially carry limitless cargo in their inventory.
  • Promoting companions does not increase their capacity, so make sure to choose party members that will adequately contribute to your maximum supply!