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Cannibal is a mental ailment that will trigger an afflicted companion to eat another party member when traveling, resting, and even searching loot locations while at low Sanity. A cannibal will continue to periodically eat companions and eventually even the explorer, ending the game in failure. There are three causes of cannibalism:

  1. An Insanity event while travelling with more than one human companion. Another human companion is lost during this.
  2. Eating a Red Mushroom when at low Sanity.
  3. Accepting a bowl of questionable meat when resting overnight in a village.

Like all mental ailments, Cannibalism may be cleansed with a Green Mushroom, cleansing at a Shaman Hut, or with the random blessing of Pure Mind from a temple.


  • Abomination companions have a variant of this ailment that cannot be cleansed, in addition to their need to regularly feed on some form of Raw Meat - which will include you and your other companions if you have none on hand - though functionally these mechanics are inseparable.
  • Animal companions may be affected.
  • The Former Adventurer quest companion is always picked up with this ailment.
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