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The Camp Site item creates a refuge to rest and restore sanity for as much time as the player likes. It can be set up practically anywhere, so long as the player isn't standing on a location. Though using the site consumes a considerable amount of time, it is by far the most useful sanity-restoring item in the game.

It takes 3 days to set up the camp before the party can rest. Each rest period lasts 5 days, regaining 8 sanity per day for a total of 40 sanity. These rest periods can be repeated as many times as desired.

After setting up camp, you can pack it up anytime to return it to your inventory. If you're planning on coming back to the same location, you can choose to leave the camp site up and return to it later. This saves the time-cost of taking it down. Just don't forget to pack it up before leaving the expedition for good - it can't be recovered once you leave the map!


  • The camp site can be exploited in a Completionist strategy to survive while being overburdened with inventory for long periods of time. The extra sanity cost when travelling while overburdened can essentially be ignored, since the player can simply make camp in-between travel legs.
  • Try to keep your Sanity at 30 or above before resting in a Camp Site, as low Sanity levels can trigger negative events when staying overnight in the open.
  • This item stacks with the Fresh Air Fanatic perk to provide a total of 65 Sanity per rest instead of 40.
  • The Camp Site is much safer to depend on compared to natural camp points on the map (waterfalls, overhangs, springs, oases), which are few and often far-between. This makes the camp ideal for inexperienced players, or those struggling to navigate expansive biomes or terrain.
  • Certain events such as fires, volcanoes, and some shrine curses can destroy your constructed camp if you leave it behind while exploring the map.
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