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The Blood Crown is a sinister weapon item that can be found on a corrupted altar in a Corrupted world. The player can only access this unique biome from a defeated Giant Spider Den. Each den has a very small chance of transporting the player to the corrupted biome upon killing all the Giant Spiders inside.

The Unholy Travels tome page used to be the key to accessing this hidden world, but the item seems to have been discontinued. In the present version of Curious Expedition, it is possible to reach a corrupt world by using a tome page of portal traversal whilst within a portal world.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining a particular tome page for a portal location, the low chance of spawning spider caves and the incredibly low (4.76%) chance of finding a portal world within a spider cave, the Blood Crown is one of the rarest items in the game. Likewise, it is also the most powerful weapon in the game, being capable of dealing tens of damage, shielding the party for 2 and healing all party members for 3 points of damage all for a singular die which has a 100% chance of a successful attack. By comparison, other weapons require multiple other dice to achieve high amounts of damage and they don't have as-high a chance to successfully attack.

Dice Combos[]

The Blood Crown's combat die:

Combination Damage Shield Image Special Effects
Life Leech! 5 2 Die-Leech.png Multi Attack; Heal party by 3.
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