Biomes represent the different available regions that can be available during destination selection. Most biomes have unique terrain types, points of interest, and enemies. Before each expedition, the player is given the choice between 2-5 primary biomes:

Biome Available Expeditions Description
Jungle 1 - 6 Forest & River

Useful item: Machetes

Drylands 1 - 6 Grass & Dryland
Desert 2 - 6* Desert & Mountains

Useful item: water

 *Stark always has Desert choice

Arctic 2 - 6 Snow, Ice & Ocean

Useful item: Snowshoes

Prehistoric 6* Forest, Swamp & Volcanoes

*Only available for Expedition 6 unless use of Dinosaur Skull or special event in cenote or cave

Corrupted Special* Event biome from fungal-cursed Shrine or appearance of a Corrupted World

Portals transport you to a self-contained Prehistoric biome.

Giant Spider Dens can (very rarely) transport you to the elusive Corrupted World.

World map with all 5 primary biomes available for selection

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