Each expedition takes place in a biome. Each biome has its own unique terrain type, points of interest, and enemies. Before each expedition you go on, you have the option to choose from two or more different biome types.

There are currently five different biomes:

  • Jungle
  • Drylands
  • Desert
  • Arctic
  • Prehistoric

The first expedition is always a Jungle or Drylands expedition. Arctic and Desert become available starting with expedition 2, with the prehistoric biome only available for expedition 6, though fulfilling certain conditions can make it accessible earlier. (Below: flags representing each possible biome)


There is a sixth special "Corrupted" biome that only appears under special circumstances, and in certain unusual locations.

Biome Description
Jungle Jungles mainly consist of jungle and river tiles. Make sure to bring some Machetes with you!
Drylands Drylands consist of drylands tiles, with a few jungle tiles and hills here and there.
Desert Deserts are mostly made up of desert tiles, interspersed with patches of dryland. Before you set off, you should refill your water supplies at your ship.
Arctic A cold, snowy area. Has a unique point of interest, the Polar StationSnowshoes are extremely useful in Arctic biomes.
Prehistoric A volatile, wild biome of swamps, jungles, giant mushrooms and volcanoes. Only available for expedition 6 without the Dinosaur Skull item. Has lots of dinosaurs.
Corrupted A poisoned, menacing land of cracked rock, red soil and bloody water. Only appears as growth from a fungal-theme Shrine, or in the Corrupted World

Portals and the Unholy Travels Tome Page will transport you to a self-contained Prehistoric and Corrupted biome, respectively.

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