Artist is a companion perk that enables artists to turn Empty Canvases into Paintings. Paintings can then be traded during an expedition, or exchanged in London for fame or funds. This perk can be promoted, and a higher-level artist will produce more valuable paintings:
Lvl Skill Value Fame Funds
1 Beginner 10 10 5
2 Advanced 15 20 10
3 Professional 25 30 20
4 Master 45 50 30

Utilizing the perk is given as an event option when interacting with/exploring certain locations:

  1. Resting overnight in a village
  2. Exploring the exterior of a shrine
  3. Exploring natural rest spots in the open: Overhangs, Springs, Waterfalls.

Tips Edit

  • Only one painting can be created at a single location, even when resting there multiple nights.
  • Paintings can only be created if an empty canvas is in the player's direct inventory, so be sure to stock up whenever possible!
  • Explore as much of the map as possible to ensure all paintable locations are utilized before ending an expedition. This makes artists useful in a completionist strategy.
  • All paintings are given a +44% trading value boost when used to barter in villages
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