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An Artist is a possible companion whose perk allows them to use empty canvases to create paintings at various locations. These paintings become more valuable with the artist's level, reflecting their skill.


Lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Blue (basic).png 4
2 Die - Blue (upgraded).png 7
3 Die - Blue (upgraded).png
Die - Blue (basic).png
4 Die - Blue (upgraded).png
Die - Blue (upgraded).png


  • An artist's value as a companion lies in masterpieces. Promote these companions quickly to earn the most from their work. Otherwise, they can be a disadvantage to the group with their limited capacity and low toughness.
  • Artists can be valuable to a hunting/outlaw strategy party, as their upgraded blue dice are needed for combos with the Hunting Rifle, Signature Rifle and Dynamite.
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