A desolate, cold region.

Arctic worlds are cold regions that can be accessed in Expeditions 2 - 5.
Arctic pyramid

Unique FeaturesEdit

  • Polar Stations provide rest, trade, and passage in exchange for Tickets, which can be purchased with them. Up to 3 stacks of items can also be stashed for free at each station.
  • Snowshoes drastically decrease the travel sanity cost in Deep Snow tiles.
  • Arctic Stockpiles are available to loot for consumables.
  • Plateaus and Glaciers take the place of hills and mountains terrain, respectively. Be sure to bring climbing gear to help offset the enormous cost of climbing those plateaus!
  • Rare chance of a Yeti encounter when exploring caves
  • Golden Pyramids in Arctic regions are always surrounded on all sides by Plateaus here.
  • A difficult quest is available for this region, requiring travel to 4 preset points on the map and placing a Claim Flag in each one.
  • Common enemies include arctic wolves, polar bears, sabertooth tigers and walruses.


  • This biome was added with the first big DLC update of the game, Arctic Expanse.
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