Altars are special locations connected to the spirits of the surrounding woodlands, found exclusively in heavily wooded areas in both Jungle and Arctic worlds.

When the player sacrifices items worth enough to fill the altar bar, it unlocks the option to gaze into the reflection. This allows the player to return/revive a previously deceased or lost companion. Companions are returned to you in the exact state they were in at the moment you lost them, including all injuries, perks and ailments.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The simplest way to fill the altar bar is with 8 Animal Teeth, as other items generally have minimal value as sacrifice.
  • Possibly increases likelihood of event in which tree spirits (depicted on the altar) gift red berries when resting overnight at low sanity. (Unconfirmed)

Corrupted Altar[edit | edit source]

Altar corrupted.jpg

A single altar variation called the Corrupted Altar is found only in Corrupted Worlds. These do not require an item sacrifice, and instead house the elusive Blood Crown weapon, which can be taken for free and with no consequence.

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