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Alcoholism is a mental ailment that causes a companion to lose one heart of loyalty every ~20 days unless they are given whisky. An afflicted companion will actually gain loyalty if periodically given whisky, making this ailment a fairly simple one to maintain.

Resting in the open at neutral sanity with an alcoholic can trigger an event in which that companion requests whisky for merrymaking with your crew. Allowing it grants +10 Sanity, with a chance that the other companions also become alcoholics. Refusing decreases the alcoholic's loyalty and/or causes them to become angry with you.

Alcoholism comes present in some recruited companions, or can be acquired with small chance by using Whisky, or accepting alcohol when resting overnight at either a mission or village.

Like most mental ailments, it can be cured with a Green Mushroom, cleansing at a Shaman Hut, or with the random blessing of Pure Mind from a temple.


  • The crowd at the end of each successful expedition may comment on how your alcoholic companions "reek openly of alcohol".
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