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Abominations are grotesque enemies that appear in various situations. These humans-turned-monstrosities crave human flesh and may attack the party.

May appear as an enemy while staying overnight at a mission at low Sanity. Upon investigating terrible sounds, the party discovers that the priest has turned into an abomination and combat is triggered.

Looting a shrine with the heads on sticks warning will trigger a curse that renders all villages, missions and stations empty. Enemy abominations will then spawn from these locations.


Abominations use the same set of dice regardless of their alignment to the explorer:

Abomination dice.png


An Abomination companion can be obtained in several ways:

These events transform a current companion into the abomination, replacing all stats with the monster's. An abomination companion requires raw meat every ~20 days, and will consume 2 pieces from inventory at these intervals. It will attempt to eat a companion if raw meat is not available, forcing the player to choose to look away (allow it) or stop it (triggers combat).


Lvl Dice



Dice abomination.png
Icon - Cargo.pngIcon - Cargo.pngIcon - Cargo.png



  • Dismissing an abomination triggers combat, and it cannot be dismissed between expeditions in London.
  • Abominations don't carry any perks and cannot be promoted, even with Alexandra David-Neel.
  • Its cannibalism ailment cannot be cleansed at a shaman hut.
  • Exploring a graveyard or old camp can cause a companion to "disappear" at the hands of the abomination.
  • When resting overnight in a village, the abomination can be sacrificed to eat without triggering combat.
  • If the abomination is the only companion left, an insane explorer may eat it without triggering combat.
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